WOW! Thanks to everyone who has... photo

WOW! Thanks to everyone who has submitted there questions for the first periscope next Thursday Aug 17th! Don't forget to get your questions in or watch the live feed and ask us questions then!
Starting Thursday Aug 17th we will be hosting live periscope feeds from 1:45-2:30 every other Thursday. The feeds will broadcast live off of our Dels Enoteca #delsenoteca twitter page.

Go behind the scenes of Martini's, Dels and Charcoal Steak House, learn about the people that make the magic happen and talk to our Executive Chef Terry Salmond. Ask us questions and be part of our conversation!

Posted 10 months ago


Online reservations are set up for your convenience – but humans are still better.

If you don’t see your reservation time available please give us a call 519.893.6570. We will have a second look and do our absolute best to fit you in.