With Christmas season approaching, private rooms... photo

With Christmas season approaching, private rooms are booking up fast.

However, on December 1st The Hearth Room is available! The Hearth Room can seat up to 32 people comfortably.

The Hearth Room shares a stone fireplace with the Estate Room and has the same warm feeling that emanates throughout the space. This semi-private room has a privacy curtain that pulls across to give your guests their own room without separating them from the restaurant ambiance.

If you are interested in booking your holiday party please contact our Event Coordinator, Meredith Roberts.

Check out our group menus: http://bit.ly/2hSkc9Q

Posted 11 months ago


Online reservations are set up for your convenience – but humans are still better.

If you don’t see your reservation time available please give us a call 519.893.6570. We will have a second look and do our absolute best to fit you in.